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How old is your website?

How old is your website?

Did you know that an old websites is as harmful as not having a website at all when your potential clients are looking for your business?

You may have spent big money on your flashy website 5 – 10 years ago but because technology moves so quickly in the industry, it is likely that your website has fallen behind the times. When last have you tested all of your web pages in the latest top web browsers? It’s very likely that there are many display issues and that chases clients away.

Potential customers want to see that you are current and up to date, you also want to make sure you seem like you’re still in business. A client who sees a clunky old website, starts wondering if you’re still in business.

The ACMA states that the use of mobile commerce services increased by 448 per cent from December 2010 to the same December 2013 – with 3.4 million Australians choosing to shop via their mobile devices. That’s a a lot of potential clients you don’t want to miss out on.

Get your website up to date and mobile optimised today with us.