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Just how easily are people being scammed online?

Just how easily are people being scammed online?

The answer is VERY easy!

I regularly visit People Per Hour (a freelance project website) for new web work, but today I was shocked when I came across this advert of an individual looking for a freelancer to build him a cloned version of iCloud.
In this project he wants a fake/scam website where users to submit their login details, email the details to the scammer and then forward them onto the genuine website which effectively means he collects the login credentials in order for him to access your account and all the files you have stored on iCloud.

The scary part is, being online as much as I am, scam sites like this are in existence everywhere with many big name brands. In fact, today alone I have received fake Alibaba and a fake NAB emails asking me to click on a link to login to rectify my account details or submit a quote.

These websites however, are easily identifiable and here are a few items you can look out for to keep your personal information safe online:

  • Ensure the domain in the web address bar is correct, if it looks suspicious it probably is!
  • Make sure the website is using https:// and that the picture of the lock is present on the left of the web address bar.

Any website that collects personal information or requires login credentials should do so over SSL and HTTPS (online security). If the website you are on has a suspicious looking web address or no lock next to the web address, report the link to the real website by Google’ing their name and using the first result (as a rule of thumb) to access their website and then their contact page.

Stay safe out there in the World Wide Web!